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Speedwell Trust offer free parenting courses to help tackle challenging behaviours

One thing you often hear when you enter parenthood is that no one gives you a guidebook. There are loose dos and don’ts and universally understood rights and wrongs but aside from that – it’s essentially a learn as you work type situation.

One thing we can perhaps all agree on is that it’s not always easy – and that’s ok.

There is support out there and Maryam from Speedwell Trust is calling all parents in the Mid-Ulster area to attend free Behaviour Support sessions in March.

The sessions, which run for 4 weeks, are aimed at providing support to parents who are struggling with challenging behaviours at home.

Speaking to Tyrone I, Maryam said: “Initially, we will have a friendly meet and greet session to introduce the parents to one another and discuss the programme. We look at the importance of listening and praise, encouraging kindness, setting boundaries and how to effectively communicate with our kids”.

Part of the programme looks at self-care for the parent. Maryam recognises this as an essential part of the programme, stating: “When we prioritise ourselves and look after our own wellbeing it makes us better prepared as parents.”

Maryam notes that whilst the sessions cannot offer a one to one with parents, they are tailored to specific needs. She said: “If we have parents of a child with autism in attendance we can provide a developed autism-specific programme with guidance tailored to their challenge.

“Parents attending the groups are also a wonderful support for one another. They offer different perspectives and different ways of dealing with behaviours. The sessions provide a rich ground for parents to speak out confidently.

“Networking for parents is so important. To know that they are not alone dealing with challenging behaviours and that sometimes it’s obvious things that you don’t see until you reflect.”

The sessions last for approximately one hour and will take the following format:

  • Family Wellbeing retreat (parents and children): February 16, 10am – 12.30pm at Speedwell Trust in Parkanaur.
  • Parents Wellbeing retreat (parents only): February 23, 10.30am-12.30pm at Speedwell Trust in Parkanaur.
  • Parenting Support Programme (parents only) – we can offer a range of dates and locations, including online (see attached image for details).

For more information or to register your interest please email, or for either of the wellbeing events. For the Parenting Support Programme – email

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