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Police launch winter 2022/23 anti-drink and drug drive operation

As police launch the annual winter drink drive operation, they are asking the public to pause for a moment.

PSNI are reminding road users of the importance of road safety during the festive period. A video released by PSNI states that during last year’s drink driving operation 6,699 breath tests were carried out, resulting in 295 people being arrested for alcohol and drugs related offences.

PSNI state that “over the coming weeks, targeted operations will run day and night”.

Issuing the following advice “Slow down, pay greater attention to your surroundings, always wear your seat belt and never drive after drinking or taking drugs” the campaign comes at a time when shoppers are taking to the streets in preparation for the festive period.

Superintendent Gary Busch explains: “Last year, we asked road users to consider the impact of being detected drink or drug driving. This year, our request is more direct.

“We are asking the public to pause for a second. Whether people are at home, work or out enjoying themselves. Take one second to think about a relative a friend or a colleague. Now imagine never seeing them again.

“This is the very stark reality facing too many members of our community as we head into the festive season. There are families across Northern Ireland mourning the loss of loved ones. Loved ones who have been killed as the result of someone’s selfish decision to drive after drinking or taking drugs.

Continuing Superintendent Gary Busch says “as in previous years, the Road Policing Unit and Interceptor Teams, local and neighbourhood officers will be working alongside Tactical Support Group colleagues. We will again use authorised vehicle checkpoints as a very visible, physical deterrent to anyone thinking about drink or drug driving.


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