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Pomeroy farm hoping to diversify portfolio by becoming ice-cream producer

A Pomeroy farm is hoping to diversify its portfolio of produce and is seeking to become an ice-cream producer.

A planning application to facilitate this farm diversification has been lodged with Mid Ulster District Council’s planners.

The application, lodged by agent Mark Nelson Architecture, on behalf of applicant, Mr Trevor Boyd, seeks permission to change the use of an agricultural shed to an ice cream production facility.

The agricultural shed is located at 44 Turnabarson Road.

The application form notes the production facility will consist of two main areas – a low risk and high risk area.

The high risk area is where the liquid ingredients (including raw milk) and dry ingredients will be blended and placed in a pasteuriser.

Once the mixture has been pasteurised and cooled it will be moved to the low risk area, where the pasteurised liquid mixture will be placed in a batch freezer.

The ice cream will then be packaged and placed in a blast freezer. The form states the machines and freezers “are all small scale”.

Of the 112.899m2 of floor space within the agricultural shed, 38.999m2 will be dedicated to production, 69.982m2 will be used for storage and 3.918m2 will be set aside for ancillary use, if the permission is granted.

The development is also expected to see two vehicles arrive at the premises on a daily basis – one staff vehicle and one goods vehicle.

This will result in one employee and one other person visiting the premises on a daily basis, up from the current number of 0.

The application was received and validated on Monday, April 26.

The neighbour consultation period expires on Monday, May 24 with the standard consultation period due to expire on Friday, May 28.

The application will be advertised until Tuesday, May 25.

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